The answer is a big YES! It is possible to MANIFEST it.
MANIFEST is a mystic process led by Sri Preethaji where possibilities in the realm of consciousness are brought into the world of reality.

You are led beyond your everyday mind into the field of universal consciousness to manifest a choice destiny.


A Virtual Live Mystic Process Led By Sri Preethaji








MANIFEST is a great purification, where you spontaneously process the unconscious mind. After purification you are led beyond the unconscious to the field of universal intelligence. As you immerse in the field of universal intelligence – you enter the sacred miracle plane of existence. Here space, time, energy, matter and consciousness- all flow interchangeably as one mystic field. This plane of existence is a field of possibilities. As Sri Preethaji will lead you into the mystic dimension of the processes – your aspirations cross the thresh hold of possibilitie

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Awaken to love abundance in family
“Our relationships define us; they mirror our inner state of being”
-Sri Preethaji
Move into a mystic journey of healing the hearts of loved ones and enjoy fulfilling relationships.

Go past defeat and embrace achievement
“You fear defeat; And you try to sustain achievement through your fear of defeat. is this living at all?. ”
-Sri Krishnaji

Learn the art of creating enduring achievements free of anxiety and stress. Succeed from a space of inner stillness.

Courage in the face of challenges
“Courage is not the opposite of fear, Courage is passion born of the heart.”
-Sri Krishnaji

Empower yourself from within to walk through the darkness and emerge into light, to conquer the current challenges from the immense, limitless power of consciousness.

Transcend obstacles and open up to new beginnings in life
“Challenges are not punishments from god, they are opportunities waiting to be birthed.”
-Sri Krishnaji

Journey through a powerful process to dissolve long standing obstacles and scoop up divine energies necessary for creating new beginnings in life.

Receive the gift of healing and vitality
“Living in a body with totally awakened sensory perception is the greatest miracle of life.”
-Sri Preethaji

Learn profound and forgotten principles from ancient Indian science for vigour and vitality and the mystic secrets of what perfect health means. Enter a mystic process where your body will go through a miracle zone and heal itself.

Your consciousness opens to an abundance of wealth
“Progress that does not contribute to the wellbeing of the larger whole is not worth it; it is cancer.”
-Sri Krishnaji

Open up to powerful insights on your personal life cycles and the wealth cycles of the world to navigate through the currently troubled economic waters. The Limitless Field with Sri Preethaji would initiate a movement in your consciousness to awaken you to abundance.

An Immersion in the Universal Intelligence
“Behind the vast visible universe of many lifeforms, there is one invisible universal intelligence.”
-Sri Krishnaji

This mystic process unlocks your sacred connection with the greater intelligence of the universe that makes magical synchronicities unfold in your life.

Open yourself to intelligence
“Intelligence is not limited to the brain alone. The brain can also be a conduit to channel greater forms of intelligence.”
-Sri Preethaji

Whether you are a student or teacher, a parent or an entrepreneur, an employee or an artist, intelligence is the foundation for all growth and evolution. Sri Preethaji takes you through a mystical journey leading your brain into an intelligence beyond ordinary logic towards brilliance.

Learn spiritual art of Parenting

“What yardstick do you use to measure your child’s perfection? How does it feel when someone compares you with another? Think about it.”
-Sri Preethaji

Sri Preethaji’s education on parenting is not about do’s and dont’s or yet another set of rules to parent your child. It is to awaken your consciousness to spiritual art of parenting. You will understand the various phases in your child’s growth and learn how to nurture your child’s inner state.

Experience greater connection with your Soul mate

“Discover love and you’ll draw the right person and keep them for life.”
-Sri Preethaji

Understand the true meaning and essence of what love is and how it manifests in your relationship with your partner. Go through a powerful mystical process to become free of the states that is creating disconnection.

Discover a vision for your life

“You cannot come upon your life’s purpose from a confused mind state. It is in stillness, it is connection- your heart experiences a knowing of your soul’s calling”
– Sri Preethaji

Get on to a mystic process to actualise your soul potential into your life vision; discover your vision. Enter the limitless field with Sri Preethaji and receive the blessings to manifest your vision into reality.



Sri Preethaji, along with her husband Sri Krishnaji is the co-creator of Ekam – a Movement for transforming human consciousness with millions of followers worldwide. Sri Preethaji is a rare enlightened sage who impacts her students not only through her wisdom but through the power of her consciousness.

As the co- Founder of Ekam, Sri Preethaji has created numerous courses, processes and retreats leading millions on profound journeys into awakening.

Every year Sri Preethaji travels the world leading spiritual retreats, addressing keynotes in conferences. Sri Preethaji’s Tedx talk at Kansas City, has been viewed by 2.6 million people and still counting.

She has addressed many prestigious conferences such as WME- IMG annual conference , The annual Flagship Summit at Los Angeles, & Federation of Industries at Sao Paolo. Sri Preethaji’s work on consciousness also extends to many prestigious academic institutions all over the world.

Sri Preethaji’s students include many global Leaders such as Usher Raymond, Ari Emmanuel, Mike Novogratz, Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes, Casey Sheahan, Elliot Bisnow & Ian Lopatin.

Sri Preethaji And Sri Krishnaji are Bestselling authors of ‘The Four Sacred Secrets’ in which they offer a life-altering adventure that has inspired a movement towards emotional and personal abundance.

Sri Preethaji has created an online meditation platform; Breathing Room to lead individuals on meditation journeys for greater calm and a more optimistic outlook on life and to reduce stress.

Along with their daughter Lokaa, Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji have created two massive charities – World Youth Change Makers & Lokaa’s foundation towards bettering the lives of youth and villagers in a thousand villages around the academy in India.

Learning from Sri Preethaji is a true blessing. It is awakening to a new consciousness for a new life.


I found myself dropping out of suffering state within moments of being with Preetha Ji and talking to her, and listening to how she taught. And I said this is really really strong stuff. And because of my experience at the of FOA I decided to come to India.

New York Times #1 Best Selling Author

I am quite surprised Preethaji that at such a young age you have become the champion for peace and humanity, love and compassion.

Nobel Peace laureate

I wish I had learned about living in a beautiful state earlier in my life as it is a transformational practice.


Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actor

A process like this would take you to a place where you can address chaos and craziness with greater equanimity and when you do that you make better business decisions.


CEO Patagonia Inc., 2005 – 2014

I am very moved listening to your great speech, To the prayers and to the meditation you did. I think you were absolutely spot on and the real issue of targets on relationships to our mother earth.


Norwegian diplomat & former politician


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