“I wish I had learned about living in a beautiful state earlier in my life as it is a transformational practice”


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It is time you began to pursue something beyond trinkets, beyond the superficial and awakened to the true essence of your being.

There is a magnificence to your consciousness, which you are yet to know and become. Most people are caught up all their lives in the pursuit of survival, security, power and pleasure. They live life with an almost perpetual discontent and anxiety.

In 5 Awakenings with Sri Preethaji, You can wipe the clear glass of your consciousness of all the dirt and become awake to life. With Sri Preethaji’s Virtual Live 5 Awakenings journey, you will wake up to unperturbed peace and flow with life.

In times like these chaos surrounds us on the health front, economic front, ecological front and relationship front. It is now more than ever there is a crying need for you to awaken. It is time for you to participate in awakening your family and loved ones to a state of consciousness beyond fear and division, to freedom and causeless love.

Flowing live from the Mystic power house Ekam, 5 Awakenings lifts you off your everyday consciousness.

I found myself dropping out of suffering state within moments of being with Preetha Ji and talking to her, and listening to how she taught. And I said this is really really strong stuff. And because of my experience at the of FOA I decided to come to India.

New York Times #1 Best Selling Author


Your first Awakening is to God-intelligence.

For centuries people have either sought the divine in the external, in a belief or have dismissed the divine altogether as human imagination.

But in your awakening to God-intelligence, the consummate Mystic Sri Preethaji is, she opens you to the experience of the divine matrix that underlies all existence. You realise the 4 faces of the divine and learn to tap into the ever-present field of Universal intelligence.

Your second Awakening is to Freedom-intelligence.

Most people seek self-reliance and independence from others, but die without ever having known freedom. For freedom is not from another. You experience freedom when you break free of your habit driven mind and break the addictive neural circuits in your brain. Our true essence is jailed with in concentric circles of prison walls made of years of psychological and physical habits and addictions.

Awakening to Freedom intelligence is to flow past these walls like a great river- unchecked. Sri Preethaji guides your steps to freedom with deep insight and care.

Your third Awakening is to Love Intelligence.

Love as we know it, makes fools out of people. They become possessive, jealous, euphoric and anxious that this high of passion may not last. Sri Preethaji leads seekers from this infantile and fleeting experience of mutual attraction and attachment, higher and higher on the ladder of love. She leads you on to majestic peaks of reflection of truth and takes you on a walk past all that, which is not love. In your limitless field meditation with Sri Preethaji, your heart opens to a love that knows no separation.

Your fourth Awakening is to Present Mind Intelligence.

Are you driving your life forward with your gaze constantly fixed on the rear view mirror? You know the consequence. Remembering the past, regretting the past, missing the past or looking to the past to live sanely in the present – this is living in the past mind. You are like a person eating dead matter, all the time hoping to feel vibrant and alive. Craving for love, for pleasure, for importance some day in the future, anxious that things may not work out the way you want them to and desperately trying to manipulate the future – this is the future mind. You are trying to find your fulfillment in your day-dreams and fighting your battles with your own scary projections.

Where is life amidst all this? Gone. Sri Preethaji awakens you to the sheer power and utter simplicity of the Present- Mind. To be awake to this breath. To be awake to the person in front of you. To be awake to the challenge confronting you right now. To be awake and flow with the great tide of life rising right now towards a more meaningful life, that is awakening to Present Mind Intelligence.

Your 5th Awakening is to Consciousness intelligence.

On this journey Sri Preethaji leads you into the mystic world of chakras and Kundalini. Through a powerful shaktipaath during the limitless field meditation, Sri Preethaji balances your chakra vibrations and awakens you to the 7 great potentials of your consciousness. 5 Awakenings is interspersed with those unforgettable experiences when Sri Preethaji spontaneously transmits awakening in the middle of a teaching or an experience live from Ekam. You can feel the radiation across space hitting you, no matter where you are in the world.

5 Awakenings is a pilgrimage that seekers all over the world make again and again to touch the sacred in their consciousness.

It is a timeless and a measureless experience.



The 5 Awakenings is one of the rare process that is live streamed from Ekam. The ground on which Ekam sits is a space where infinite cosmic energy flows into the seeker. That is why Ekam is both a generator and an amplifier of transcendental experiences.

The impact of Ekam reaches seekers across space. Thousand of seekers report that the powerful energetic impact from Ekam flows to them across space even on online events.

The structure of Ekam in itself is a phenomenon – it can affect and uplift your consciousness into expanded states of awareness. When you take part in the 5 Awakenings you enter powerful field of Oneness.


The Limitless Field Meditation is a medium for opening to the Field of Universal intelligence and enlightened states of consciousness.
Sri Krishnaji and Sri Preethaji have had this sacred gift for a long time, a gift to move into the greatest enlightened states of non-duality at will and generate an immense field that impacts you across space.

In the Limitless field meditation Sri Preethaji wordlessly connects with you and transfers blessings to fulfil your heart-felt intentions and to lead you towards a greater future.

When you enter the Limitless Field Meditation, your neural circuitry is geared for expansive states of being. The region in your brain known to sages as Chintamani-griha or the Brahmagarbha gets activated. This space is the mystic domain of the womb of Limitless consciousness.


In the 5 Awakenings you will be led through a series of mystic meditation practices that are based on a combination of ancient yogic tradition and latest scientific findings. During these meditation practices you wake up from deep seated illusions.

Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji have created mystic processes from the wealth of their own transcendence. These processes transform your brain chemistry creating new neurological circuits so you experience 5 Specific Awakened states of Being.

I found myself dropping out of suffering state within moments of being with Preetha Ji and talking to her, and listening to how she taught. And I said this is really really strong stuff. And because of my experience at the of FOA I decided to come to India.

New York Times #1 Best Selling Author


In Awakening you are joined by hundreds of seekers from all walks of life world over.

This deep dive is for seekers who want to break free of the incessantly conflicted and chattering mind. It is for thinkers, leaders, families, students, artists, professionals, visionaries and individuals who have an inkling that they are much more than their limited selves. That they are more than they have ever been.

It is for those who seek enlightenment and who seek to be part of the emergence of a new world.


Sri Preethaji, along with her husband Sri Krishnaji is the co-creator of Ekam – a Movement for transforming human consciousness with millions of followers worldwide. Sri Preethaji is a rare enlightened sage who impacts her students not only through her wisdom but through the power of her consciousness.

As the co- Founder of Ekam, Sri Preethaji has created numerous courses, processes and retreats leading millions on profound journeys into awakening.

Every year Sri Preethaji travels the world leading spiritual retreats, addressing keynotes in conferences. Sri Preethaji’s Tedx talk at Kansas City, has been viewed by 2.6 million people and still counting.

She has addressed many prestigious conferences such as WME- IMG annual conference , The annual Flagship Summit at Los Angeles, & Federation of Industries at Sao Paolo. Sri Preethaji’s work on consciousness also extends to many prestigious academic institutions all over the world.

Sri Preethaji’s students include many global Leaders such as Usher Raymond, Ari Emmanuel, Mike Novogratz, Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes, Casey Sheahan, Elliot Bisnow & Ian Lopatin.

Sri Preethaji And Sri Krishnaji are Bestselling authors of ‘The Four Sacred Secrets’ in which they offer a life-altering adventure that has inspired a movement towards emotional and personal abundance.

Sri Preethaji has created an online meditation platform; Breathing Room to lead individuals on meditation journeys for greater calm and a more optimistic outlook on life and to reduce stress.

Along with their daughter Lokaa, Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji have created two massive charities – World Youth Change Makers & Lokaa’s foundation towards bettering the lives of youth and villagers in a thousand villages around the academy in India.

Learning from Sri Preethaji is a true blessing. It is awakening to a new consciousness for a new life.